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Disaster Relief 

The FOP Foundation is here to help officers who have been displaced by a disaster. During a disaster, officers often need help with food, housing and other necessities. In the past, we have assisted with flooding disasters throughout the United States, the Tsunami in 2004, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005, Fires throughout the West, the Earthquake of Haiti and many more disasters. 

Below are just a few examples of disasters and how we provided assistance during such disasters. 

Hurricane Katrina 


When Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast in 2005, the Foundation responded. We were on the ground immediately with supplies and support for our fellow officers. Many of our officers had themselves lost everything. 

The National FOP Foundation provided not only needed food and supplies, but we were also able to provide humanitarian and emotional support for these officers. Every cent collected by our Foundation during this disaster was used to support and care for these officers. The National FOP Foundation gave nearly $1 million in response to Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. 

"The destruction visited upon the State of Louisiana by Hurricane Katrina is tremendous. But the response of the extended law enforcement family with their offers of help and aid has been equally tremendous." 
- Fraternal Order of Police National President Chuck Canterbury

Haiti Earthquake 

When the earthquake hit in Haiti in 2010, the Foundation responded. We were able to raise over $15,000 to aid the efforts of the American Red Cross. 

Housing and other structures were in such short supply, the National FOP Foundation responded. We raised money for several 8-person prefabricated shelters and sent them directly to Haiti for those people who had no housing. The National FOP Foundation does its best to respond where there is a need. 



"Our lodge received funding when several of our officers' had their homes flooded during a time of severe rainstorms that hit our area. We appreciate the National FOP Foundation." 
-Christopher M. Balbo, Lodge Secretary, Highland Indiana

Over the past few years we have had floods in states like Rhode Island, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, Texas and so many more. The FOP Foundation responded in each case. 

The great flood in middle Tennessee affected our officers in a major way. There were 42 counties affected by this flood. We were there on the ground helping these officers who had been displaced by this flood with food, supplies, housing, and all the other necessities they needed. These officers gave selflessly of their time to help others. 

LEFRI - The Law Enforcement Families Readiness Initiative 

During natural disasters, man-made disasters or other crisis events, law enforcement officers are generally required to remain on duty for extended periods of time. Such calls to duty often result in officers' long absences from home and infrequent communication with their families. During times of disaster, officers can reasonably be expected to be quite concerned about the safety of his or her family. When disaster strikes, it is too late to establish a plan of action especially when law enforcement families are victims themselves. Establishing a family disaster plan prior to an event will ease the struggle and suffering felt by everyone involved. 

The Law Enforcement Families Readiness Initiative (LEFRI) was designed to develop guidance for law enforcement agencies to develop and implement a law enforcement family readiness plan in the event of disaster and other crisis-type situations. Funded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance, U.S. Department of Justice and implemented by the National Fraternal Order of Police Foundation, the LEFRI project worked to develop educational and other support materials for agencies, officers, and families to use when preparing for disaster-type scenarios and extended absences from the home due to the officer's call to duty. The project developed a model policy that law enforcement agencies in rural, suburban, and urban areas can use to guide officer and family preparedness activities before a prolonged crisis event occurs. 

Following the attacks of September 11, 2001, the federal government launched a nationwide campaign to improve the preparedness of all Americans. September was declared National Preparedness Month. Websites like were heavily promoted and numerous high ranking federal officials and other public leaders worked to raise awareness about the importance of being prepared. Our research suggests a similar need for an information clearinghouse and greater emphasis on preparedness for law enforcement officers and their families. To this end, this website, as well as links to regularly updated preparedness material have been incorporated to help law enforcement agencies, officers and their families recognize the importance of preparedness and provide them with the tools to implement their own plans. 

"We used the money to help with unexpected bills that went along with the food. Some of the money was used for storage and carry out food since we no longer had any kitchen to use. These are just some of the things the money the FOP Foundation presented us helped with. If not, for the FOP Foundation help we would have been in dire straights.
-Fraternal Order of Police Member Daniel R. Harmo Findlay, Ohio

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"The Law Enforcement community works very hard to recognize, support and protect the families of our fallen heroes." 
-Fraternal Order of Police National President Chuck Canterbury
Our officers leave their families every day to risk their lives to protect you.
Please donate and help honor the more than 330,000 heroes today!

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Our officers leave their families every morning to risk their lives to protect you. Now that you

know more about us, please donate and help more than 330,000 heroes today! 

As a nonprofit [501(c)(3)] organization, the Fraternal Order of Police Foundation relies on the generosity

of individuals, organizations and corporations to carry out our work of honoring and remembering the

heroes of American law enforcement. 

QUESTIONS? Please contact Grace Lynch at or (202) 547-8189. We'll be happy to

answer any questions you may have. 

Tax ID: 52-1606785 

There are a number of ways to contribute to the FOP Foundation:

  • Donate online. Donating online with a credit card is fast, easy and secure.
  • Contribution Form. You can contribute offline by filling out the contribution form and mailing or 
  • emailing this from back to us.
  • Monthly giving. As an option, you can elect to have your donation repeat every month.
  • Planned giving. After providing for your loved ones, you can leave a legacy to law enforcement by 
  • making a contribution to the National FOP Foundation through a carefully planned will or living trust.
  • Corporate giving. We are proud to have a wide range of corporations supporting the work of the FOP 
  • Foundation.

We deeply appreciate the support of all of our donors. Among other things, your contributions enable

us to continue to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice through the annual National Peace Officers' Memorial

Service and other National Police Week events. 

Thank you again for your support of our brave men and women in blue. 



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National FOP President Chuck Canterbury stands with President George W. Bush at the National Peace Officer Memorial Ceremony that is hosted by the FOP

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